email marketing strategy- complete tutorial for beginners

Email Marketing Strategy – For Beginners

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If you think you do everything the right way but still don’t generate leads as expected, I’ll tell you something: It’s just because you don’t create an email marketing strategy. Whether you are a blogger or have an e-commerce company, e-mail marketing is essential for everyone. Let’s go step by step!

What Is E-mail Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that makes the customers/users/visitors (from now I’m gonna say customer for all ) aware of the new products, coupons and other services. I know most of us hate getting this marketing emails and you may think that e-mail marketing is dead in 2022 , but you’re completely wrong. Researches show that it is still the top in the industry, coming just after social media marketing. So how does it work?

How Does It Work?

To create an email marketing strategy, firstly you should add a subscrption form to your website and you need to do it as a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a marketing tool that generate leads in exchange for a contact information. Keep in mind that you should avoid of using a term such as “fill in the contact form to get notifications”. Instead, you should create a value for the customers and convince them to subscribe to your newsletter or whatever you offer. It can be a coupon code that you share only with subscribers, or an e-book which you would give for free for an exchange of contact info. A bonus tip : you can download a free e-book and add it on your subscription form. 😉

If you have a WordPress website you can create a subscription form with WPForms, it is the most beginner-friendly drag & drop WordPress forms plugin. (you can make contact forms, registration forms, surveys, newsletter and get payments with this plugin). Click here to check the plugin!

So you have created a lead magnet , what now? You need to have an email marketing software and then integrate the software with the form builder (the plugin).

Why Do You Need An E-mail Marketing Software?

You can send emails to your subscribers if they are about 10-15 , but what if you get many contacts? Sometimes, it’s even hard to send those 10 people manually. Because you will need a plan like: first day when subsribing , a welcome e-mail will be sent. Second and may be third day another e-mail. 4th day another e-mail if they open the first three emails, if they click on the links another one, if they don’t open another one blablabla there is a hugeee schema to follow up and it is very hard to do it mannually.

What Is The Best E-mail Marketing Software of 2022?

Honestly, I can’t tell the best one , all have pros and cons but GetResponse and Aweber is head to head in the list. Check below for the quick comparison:

email marketing strategy - aweber vs getresponse

Aweber is for mostly bloggers, small businesses and entrepreneurs while GetResponse is ideal for small/large businesses.


– It is more ideal for small and large businesses

-500 email templates

-Basic plan starts at $15/month

-Not all the features are given with the basic plan

-All in one marketing software


-Ideal for bloggers / entrepreneurs , small businesses

-700 email templates

-Basic plan starts at $19/month

-With Aweber you get all the features from day one

-Dedicating e-mail marketing tool

I don’t want to go into too much detail here so as not to deviate from our main topic. However, above little comparison can you an idea. If you have a limited budget and want to go for a cheaper solution, OptinMonster would be more suitable for you. Basic plan starts at $9/per month and another best thing is that if it doesn’t grow your leads they refund you %100. Click here to check it out!

MailerLite is another option, email marketing is free up to 1000 contacts. Click here to go to website.

Tips For Email Marketing Strategy!

So once everything is ready, how can you generate more leads, how can you grow open rate? Researches show that if you add a description video on your e-mail , open rate is growing %300. E-mails with personalised subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. Keep in mind to keep it short. And 49% of consumers would like to receive more promotional e-mails from their favourite brands. Yes, you read that right!


What is meant by e-mail marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that makes the customers/users/visitors (from now I’m gonna say customer for all ) aware of the new products, coupons and other services.

Does email marketing actually work?

Yes it does. Researches show that marketing campaigns are mostly made by email marketing tools which come just after social media marketing. And every $1 invest in e-mail marketing returns $42.

What is the best email marketing tool?

It depens on what you want to achieve. For small / large companies GetResponse is ideal to use, on the other hand for bloggers and entrepreneurs AWeber would be the perfect choice. If the budget is limited OptinMonster is more suitable.

What is the most effective email marketing strategy?

  • 1-Personalize your email.
  • 2- Add videos on emails.
  • 3-Personalise the subject line and keep it short.
  • 4-Send your e-mail in evening , 8 pm would be best.
  • 5-Add a givaway to the email.

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